Fiestas este fin!!!

Technodrome En Tampico 21 de marzo CONFIRMADO



Star-x was first established in the year 2000 by Gabi Asher and Eran Dori.After 3 years of exploring sounds and beats they released their debut album “prepare to fly” with the fast growing label “compact-record”.

The main concept of the album was atmospheric feelings and groovy got great reactions from all over the globe and in Israel the home land of psy-trance, it was selected by the radio to be “the break thru of 2003”.

In 2005 they joined forces with the well respected label “Chemical-crew”, and released their much anticipated album “Existence” in the midst of 2006.

Their follow up album was crowned immediately a big success with its big and fat bass line, more aggressive attitude set mainly to the dance floor, combining elements widely ranged between jazz, rock, electro and classical music. These days star-x including only Gabi Asher which directing his musical vision towards more groovy and uplifting tunes, causing a real havoc in the dance floor.

Star-x is currently touring the world with his new material and his powerful live act. In the past years he’s been visiting Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Holland, Greece and of course his home land Israel. Performing in the biggest and most important festivals such as “XXXperience 2004” in Brazil, “The Gathering 2004-2005” Japan, “Full moon 2004-2005″ Germany,” Antaris 2006″ Germany and “odyssey 2007” in Mexico, leaving not a single person indifferent to his music and live act. Star-x is aiming to control the dance floor without taking any prisoners.


~ por Do0k13 en marzo 20, 2008.

Una respuesta to “Fiestas este fin!!!”

  1. banda soy nva en tampico, escriban para invitaciones y fiestas de onda electro a saludoss!!!


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